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Во славу России и Путина

Иначе трудно воспринять подборку фотографий Путина, которую выложило у себя агентство CNN. Надо отдать ребятам должное - они сопротивлялись до последнего. Но к окончакнию голосования в России и убедительной победе Путина с ожидаемым результатом молча выложили именно эти фотографии ВВП. А ведь могли подобрать что-нибудь гнусненькое. Как сейчас в России вертится на сковородке Зюганов и его представитель Удальцов (ничего себе союзик?!)

Pictured in the cockpit of a Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber jet at a military airport on August 16, 2005, before his supersonic flight.

The Russian prime minister aims at a whale with an arbalest (crossbow) to take a piece of its skin for analysis on Olga Bay.Taken in 2007, this image shows Putin, then Russia's president, carrying a hunting rifle in the Republic of Tuva.

Taking part in a training session for young ice hockey players before the "Golden Puck" youth tournament final in Moscow in April last year.

A wetsuit-clad Putin embarks on a dive to an underwater archaeological site at Phanagoria on the Taman Peninsula last year.

Assisted by a Russian scientist, Putin fixes a satellite transmitter to a tiger during his visit to the Ussuriysky forest reserve of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Far East on August 31, 2008.

A shirtless Putin fishing in the headwaters of the Yenisei River in the Republic of Tuva in August 2007.

Famed for his love of martial arts, Putin throws a competitor in a judo session at an athletics school while on a trip to St Petersburg in December 2009.

Putin rides a Harley-Davidson to an international biker convention in southern Ukraine in July 2010

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pictured during his vacation in Siberia in 2009. For years, Russia's leader has cultivated a populist image in the Russian media.


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