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Address of the People of Ukraine and Russia to the International Community.

When watching major international news channels, regrettably we see that information about the events of May 2, 2014 in Odessa as reported by western media is very lopsided, distorted and incomplete. It is vitally important for us to expose the truth about these latest tragic and barbaric developments in Ukraine and here’s why.

The whole world has failed to notice real, full-blooded, hardcore fascism take root and grow in the very heart of Europe. On May 2, 2014 clashes between two opposing groups broke out in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, involving, on the one hand, Ukrainian nationalists together with football ultras who support the current illegitimate government in Kiev (hereinafter – “nationalists”, for brevity), and on the other, proponents of the federalization of Ukraine and human rights activists for the Russian-speaking population of the country who oppose the current Kiev regime on account of its coming to power as a result of a bloody coup d’état by ousting the legitimate, democratically-elected president (hereinafter – “federalists”) and who are therefore conveniently labeled “separatists and terrorists” by the government.

According to the western media, the nationalists were “unarmed”. Yet somehow, as the clashes began, they happened to have an entire arsenal of metal bars, baseball bats, bottles and components for the Molotov cocktail on their hands, some even carrying firearms.

The police didn’t lift a finger to stop the beatings of federalization activists or the Molotov cocktail frenzy unleashed by the nationalists. After a violent confrontation on one of the central streets of the city, a hate-driven, frenzied nationalist mob destroyed the federalists’ camp, forced the federalists to run for their lives and take shelter in the House of Trade Unions, and then deliberately set the building on fire by Molotov cocktails.
This has never been shown or reported by the international media that continue to keep people around the world in the dark about what actually happened, about the truly barbaric, sickening, and heart-wrenching nature of the unthinkable crime committed by the Ukrainian nationalists in Odessa which, on that diabolical night of the 2nd of May, witnessed the advent of genuine, unadulterated, purebred fascism when dozens of people were murdered and BURNED ALIVE: mothers and children, fathers and sons, pregnant women and the elderly – tellingly, very much to the cheers and delight of the jubilant nationalist crowd.

Those victims trapped in the burning building who tried to escape the fire and suffocating smoke were blocked by the nationalists, those who still somehow managed to make their way out of the inferno (mostly by jumping in despair from the windows) were brutally beaten, strangled, shot at and/or forced to crawl through the lines of nationalists and shout “glory to Ukraine”. Part of the people had to stay on the roof of the burning House of Trade Unions through the whole night fearing for their lives because of the death threats hurled at them by the raging nationalist lynch mob on the ground.
Firefighters were the only ones to at least try and do their job (for which quite many of them were ruthlessly beaten by nationalists and ended up in hospital) that night, while the police looked the other way and did nothing whatsoever to stop the inhumane madness.
This is how at least 39 (46) people were murdered with at least another 48 still missing or unaccounted for.

Then Ukrainian journalists walked around the gutted building, cracking cynical jokes over the dead bodies, gleefully calling them “blacks” or “May kebabs” and frisking the corpses for valuables. Note that it wasn’t done by the police or investigative agencies – it was done by ordinary Europe-leaning Ukrainians, avid supporters of Maidan and “European values”.

Yet, predictably, the Ukrainian mass media immediately concocted and started spreading heavy-handed disinformation about the tragedy claiming that there were “no Ukrainians or Odessa residents” among the dead, that they were all “Russians”. This is an outright and outrageous lie as has already been established beyond all doubt (among others, by the local police), however the world media still remain silent on the matter.
The government was quick to hail the actions of the nationalists as “heroism”.
So to recap: the government that seized power by means of a bloody and violent, largely neo-Nazi-led, coup hail as “heroes” those Ukrainians who burned alive and otherwise murdered their own countrymen in cold blood simply for holding different political views. This is fascism enshrined at the state level.

It is also supported by the Ukrainian parliament and nationalist majority population. Shockingly, the Ukrainian social media erupted with malicious joy, undisguised gloating and exultation over the news of those horrendous, bone-chilling murders, mocking, sneering at and cracking jokes about the photos of charred corpses of their own fellow-countrymen who just now died horrible, agonizingly painful and premature deaths, without a shred of remorse, empathy or compassion. This is fascism nurtured and fostered among the population.

As if this was not enough, at the very same time, on May 2, the Ukrainian Army launched a vicious attack and began shooting at unarmed civilians in the towns of Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. Officially, it is called an “anti-terrorist operation”, but there are no safe passages for civilians and people are being killed at random and indiscriminately.
As of May 3, the death toll estimates vary ranging from 39 to 70 (116) in Odessa and from 12 to 70 in Kramatorsk. Establishing the exact figure poses a serious problem because, for one thing, hostilities are still in progress and, for another, the Kiev authorities are desperately going out of their way to cover up facts and downplay the real scale of the gruesome tragedy.

But if you look behind the sugar-coated, diplomatic headlines and see things for what they really are then there’s only one way to describe what’s going on in Ukraine at the moment: it is a civil war! A civil war born of fascism.

Watch and don’t look away! You won’t see this in the mainstream news.

Please repost as much as you can! People deserve to know THE TRUTH!

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