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No conclusive evidence Russia behind MH17 downing: Malaysia transport minister

Оригинал высказывания малайзийского министра о голословных обвинениях России. Тут нужно понимать, что сбитый Боинг был именно малайзийским, масса жертв - тоже, и именно министр транспорта курирует процесс от Малайзии.

KUALA LUMPUR: There is no conclusive evidence to confirm that Russia was responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, Malaysian transport minister Anthony Loke said on Wednesday (May 30).

Investigators probing the 2014 downing of flight MH17 said last Thursday for the first time that the missile which brought down the plane over eastern Ukraine originated from a Russian military brigade. All 298 people onboard died.


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